Designer, artist, & pasta lover


I’m Cassie, a graphic designer specializing in publication design, which includes magazines, catalogs, and booklets. I enjoy organizing large amounts of information and designing it into an appealing and quality piece. My work experience also includes digital, product, event, and social media design. I have ten years of experience with Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, & Illustrator. My design style is minimal and clean, utilizing white space and pops of color to create modern, balanced designs.

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Why publication design?

Remember that feeling you get when you see an attractive book on the coffee table? Or that feeling when you open your mailbox to see that your magazine subscription has arrived? It’s that anticipation and curiosity for what’s inside. But before you read it, you take a moment to flip through the pages for a peak. My mission is to recreate that excitement for your publication and visually design that pleasant experience.


I discovered my passion for design in high school when I picked a graphics class as an elective. Once I learned that creating cool things for a living was possible, I knew graphic design was the path I wanted to pursue at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.   

I lived and worked in the Chicago-area most of my life. Then 3 years ago, I decided to escape the cold and move to Southern California! I have been working and freelance designing ever since. I deliver quality work in efficient time. And I am always open to new challenges.

Some interests besides designing are drawing, horror movies, crime shows, new music, traveling, pasta, fitness, and meeting new people.